Building on our heritage: the latest innovations at AH Peck

Building on our heritage: the latest innovations at AH Peck

At AH Peck we are proud of our heritage. Founded over fifty years ago, our business has grown largely on trusted relationships gained from satisfied clients. Having done very little marketing, our reputation demonstrates our commitment to our customers and the pride we take in our work.

Run consecutively by three generations of the Osman family – over five decades – and with a continuous close support network, we have been able to constantly develop and refine our approach to meet our evolving audience needs’. We invest considerable time, money and energy into enhancing and enriching our service – ensuring that each one of our customers benefits from the latest innovations. This allows us to offer an unparalleled service that has seen us receive commissions from those seeking the finest floors, with materials sourced from across the globe.

At AH Peck our handpicked, dedicated staff and unique style is complemented by the machinery of our supplier of choice: Lägler, a German company that has itself dedicated fifty years to developing the latest technology alongside our own operation. Our service partner offers the very best in bespoke wood floor finishing. Since 1956 they have been revolutionising floor sanding. Starting with a single talented inventor (Eugene Lägler) and one machine (the ELF), they now have a factory where all their machinery, from start to finish, is built by a team of highly skilled and specially trained staff.

Their continual advancements and exceptional level of quality has allowed us to ensure we provide only the very best to our clients. They created the first floor sanding machine to be awarded the “GS wood dust test” approval mark by the German Woodworkers trade (a significant accolade in our industry) and in 2005 their creation was the first in the world to be almost dust free.

Since the creation of the ELF, Lägler have continued to develop machines with an increasing capacity to navigate the traditionally difficult stairs and corners that can be so easily missed – it’s this attention to detail that our customers, and our team, are so fond of.

At AH Peck we use Lägler machinery for their ingenuity and unique offering. We are proud to have 3 of their Hummels, which – whilst originally designed in 1969 – have been continually updated to feature state of the art design. Unparalleled in quality it has a powerful sanding drum with a three-stage drum pressure regulation and belt tensioning device that offers a phenomenal finish. It boasts dust levels below 1 mg/m³ and was even awarded the “wood dust test” approval mark in 2012.

Most recently Corey was lucky enough to win a Lägler CF Trio, 1 of only 10 made in the world. On a trip to Germany for the annual Domotex flooring show, an opportunity for us to enrich our service, Corey placed a charity bid on the CF Trio. The charity is a fantastic initiative that helps support training of youth in the flooring industry. We were over the moon to hear we had won, and travel to Southampton to collect our brand new CF Trio.

In honour of their 70th anniversary, this sander is a state of the art addition to our own portfolio of machines. With outstanding dust control, and the very latest modern advancements it demonstrates our continued commitment to innovation.

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